Would this NVMe SSD work with the TO?

Found this mPCIe (m.2 internal as it seems) SSD https://www.aliexpress.com/item/KingSpec-22x42mm-PCI-e-Signal-Gen3-0x2-NVMe-Internal-M-2-SSD-240GB-256GB-Solid-Hard/32904969966.html

and I’m not sure if this could work with the Turris Omnia from a driver perspective or if there are other things to consider that might be a deal breaker (not a HW pro here).

Thanks for any advice!

It is not worth buying at this price. For me, only suitable to an older or inexpensive device.

OK, thanks for your info, you might be right! But from a technical perspective, could this work?

Are there any other “onboard” (meaning: fitting into the standard TO case) storage solutions (doesn’t have to be huge amount of storage, speed is also not that important) that you would recommend?

I have this, bought last year: Samsung SSD 850 EVO MZ-M5E250. newer version: Samsung SSD 860 EVO 250GB mSATA III (MZ-M6E250) ( cost-identical to your non-branded )

That’s not an mSata device, but an M.2. It won’t work. Different connector.

@bdeblier are the slots in the TO not just “mini PCI-e”? In other words, if the HD controller is already on the mPCIe module/card, would it not work in any of the mPCI-e slots of the TO?

@LeRacK thanks, gonna have a look at that!

EDIT: Yap, the mSATA Samsung one seems definitely a better choice, from all perspectives: Price , Brand + somebody who has it working already =)! Thanks again