WOL doesn't work after reboot on Omnia 5.3.1

WOL (Wake On Lan) works fine normally. If the router is rebooted, such as after an update, WOL will not function again normally until after the target PC was started up at least once. In other words, it seems the router has to see the computer on at least once and somehow caches the MAC address so that WOL will function. The target PC has a fixed IP address which I also entered in the static leases section of the “DHCP and DNS” section of LuCi.

I don’t know if this behavior is normal, but it should not be since I rely on this function for an automated task which will not work if the router was rebooted and the machine was not started manually.

Maybe try specifying the devices in /etc/ethers file

I tried your suggestion, unfortunately, it didn’t work.

I also have problem with WOL sometimes it just works and sometimes not. You can check on your router with tcpdump ether proto 0x0842 or udp port 7 or tcpdump ether proto 0x0842 or udp port 9 if the magic packets arrive on your br-lan

I have the same problem even using the WOL service from the router. The target computer needs to be started at least once after router reboot. After that it works reliably.