WLAN broken - sent to repair


Hello All,
My omnia get broken - WLAN port stopped working. I sent my omnia to warranty repair.
It was a month ago. The turris support stopped responding to my emails.
I do not know what is the status.

Did anybody have such kind of problem? Do somebody know how long the repair take at turris support?

Is there any alternative contact with turris support other than email?

Thank you in advance,


as I know they’re three ways how to contact support, when they’re not responding.

  • Twitter
  • maybe @Vaclav can look at it
  • ping them again via email or ticket.

Also it depends from which country did you send Omnia and if they receive it. Do you have tracking number? Can you look if it was delivered and when it was delivered?


thank you for the response. Yes, it has been delivered. This was almost the last response from the support ;/. After that I sent a lot of emails/responses to the ticket.

Fortunately, I got some info from the support just few minutes ago…Maybe due to this post? I do not know…

Thank you for the information about alternative contact. I will see what will happen next…

Best Regards,