Wireguard - Unsupported protocol type

I’m trying to configure a wireguard interface following this guide

But something is not working and I’m gotting a Unsupported protocol type from luci.
In fact if I try to create a new interface from luci “wireguard” is not present on the drop down list.

Al the packages suggested on the guide are installed.

Kernel Version:5.15.78
Model:CZ.NIC Turris Mox Board
Architecture:ARMv8 Processor rev 4
Firmware Version:TurrisOS 6.0.3 079ce0413a1e3c19dd00be1b90d

What I’m missing?

Have you installed the wireguard protocol module into Luci?


WireGuard requires a number of OpenWrt packages to be installed.

opkg update
opkg install luci-proto-wireguard luci-app-wireguard kmod-wireguard wireguard-tools

luci-app-wireguard adds a basic status UI into LuCI; it is recommended but not mandatory.

Yes I have, all the suggested packets are installed. I will post the content of the network file later but everything seems to be correct.

I’ve also tried to re-install the packets, just in case.

I use wg-quick instead of the luci integration, so the packages I install might be a bit different. I install kmod-wireguard, kmod-ipt-raw6, kmod-nft-fib, nftables and wireguard-tools.

I do not try to do a complete manual configuration of the tunnel, I suppose in that case kmod-wireguard and wireguard-tools could be enough to manage it (except for the firewall part).

But I would prefer to have it working with uci/luci as the other interfaces, and I think it should as it is also one of the few “tools” you can install “directly” from foris.

We have some plans for a Wireguard reForis integration, but it’s currently not a priority: Support for Wireguard integration (#1) · Issues · Turris / Foris Controller / foris-controller-wireguard-module · GitLab

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I understand the reForis integration is not a priority for wireguard. Personally I think a working LuCI integration is enough. In fact in my case the LuCI integration is the one that seems to give problem.
I will try to give some more details tonight but I don’t know what kind of debug information could be usefull.

Did you try to reboot your router?

Yes I did.

This is the config/network file:

config interface 'wg0'
        option proto 'wireguard'
        option private_key 'xxx'
        option listen_port '14001'
        list addresses ''

config wireguard_wg0
        option preshared_key 'xxx'
        option public_key 'xxx'
        option route_allowed_ips '1'
        list allowed_ips ''
        option persistent_keepalive '25'
        option description 'tione'

But I don’t think the problem is here

You can try to reinstall the system by running pkgupdate --reinstall-all and see if it helps.

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In fact that resolved the problem. Just reinstalling the packages related to wireguard was not enough.


Here is my configuration (redacted of course), my link is to a Mikrotik 4011 and it’s been rock solid for months.

config interface 'wg0'
	option proto 'wireguard'
	option private_key 'private key'
	option listen_port '35535'
	list addresses '' #This is the subnet of the tunnel since it's routed and not bridged
	option metric '11'

config wireguard_wg0
	option public_key 'pub key'
	option preshared_key 'PSK Value'
	option description 'Chance'
	option endpoint_port '35535'
	option persistent_keepalive '25'
	list allowed_ips ''
	option route_allowed_ips '1'
	option endpoint_host 'endpoint address'

I also have several static routes since I didn’t configure OSPF yet on the turris. My hardware is a 2020 Turris Omnia.

I had the same issue and pkgupdate --reinstall-all also resolved it for me.