[Wireguard] Unable to contact lan hosts from peer

I would like to create site2site tunnel between two TurrisOmnia through Wireguard.
I’m running on TurrisOS 5.3.8.

On Site A : I have created wireguard server
On Site B (now tested on my computer but after going to be set on Omnia LXC container), I have successful connect my computer to the remote server.

However, from the Site B, I can ping the site A peer (, and the router IP ( but I can’t contact any hosts on LAN like

I request some help if someone has already perform this kind of configuration. Can you help me to pointing out misconfiguration ?

Thank you in advance.

Could please share your firewall, network and client configuration? (please make sure to replace the keys).

Thank you for your quick answer. I have solved my problem by adding custom masquerade settings in http://ROUTER/cgi-bin/luci/admin/network/firewall/snats panel - Any protocol from WG interface to lan / action masquerade.