Wireguard disconnect after some inactivity

My Turris Omnia router configured to route all traffic from wifi devices through wireguard interface. Most time connection works fine. If no devices connected to wifi, or if devices does not generate much traffic connection to internet lost. Usually this happen at night, when only couple android devices connected in sleepy state. Router itself with lost connection works fine. In LuCi all network interfaces shows connected state and increasing number of RX and TX packets. Wireguard status also shows renewing time of handshakes and increasing packets. But wifi devices and router do not have internet access. What can be done to diagnose and solve problem ?

Wireguard supports a keepalive setting which is used to make sure that NAT mappings stay fresh. I’d give that a try.

Persistent Keep Alive is set to recommended value 25. I tried 20 value, but this does not help.
UPD: decreasing Persistent Keep Alive to 15 solved problem.

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