Wireguard crashed the router

i played with wireguard via LUCI in Interface a bit and looks like i was able to crash the router completely. I had to use RESET-mode 2 (rollback to latest snapshot) to make it working back.
What i did:

  • i had site-2-site VPN tunnel runing between 2 trurris routers (both latest OS)
  • tunnel i cofigured based on wireguard academy youtube video - worked OK
  • what i did, i tried to create new peers to make another client-server peer (next to already existing site-2-site)
  • I did it via LUCI in Interface normally, several times i did reset interface to test & try
  • Anyway i was not able to make client (notebook) working, it worked few minutes but then stopped working, so i tried play a bit and finally LUCI stopped reacting completely
  • generally IP address of the router was gone
  • i tried several restarts but was gone, via PING from notebook on cable - after reset router was reacting on ping few seconds after restart and then gone again
  • simple ipconfig /renew indicated DHCP is not available on the network
  • So finally the only solution was to use RESET-mode 2 - this helped (my last changes in wireguard were gone + wifi guest on 5GHz was corupted )

Not sure, what happened, but thats todays experience.

could you please share the configuration of wireguard interface and peers, and state of the routing tables on router and client before and after establishing the wireguard connection?

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same happend here. me think my fault had to do with the ip range, or adress. So the /24 or something that messed it all up?

i customized wireguard again, next working site-2site peer i have 2 another peers for 2 clients, finally it works, at least at this moment, but i did not make that much interface restarts this time.
What i do have different now, if i define exact tunnel IP address of each tunnel device, i use or, etc, last time i did, 10.0.03/24 etc. Dont know, if it makes a trick, or can have some side-effects, if more peers are defined.
Anyway now it looks proper, will see, if will work in longer term.

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