Wired Throuhput Around 60%

Dealing with horrendous wifi coverage so I ended up adding an extender. But following this, I started looking at my ‘connected’ speed. Can anyone tell me what’s up with this?

I was getting no more than 9.8 Mbps download while going through my Turris Omnia. When I go direct wire to my internet provider modem with a computer (no router), i get 116 Mbps.

I slowly backed out my custom OpenWRT settings and finally did a complete reset on the Turris Omnia… twice! I am now getting right about 60 Mbps download. Tops.

I have added back in Dynamic DNS and port forwarding for HTTP, HTTPS, and SSH. No bandwidth QoS, nothing! Still I can’t see above 60 Mbps.

This is all on a wired ethernet connection. No Wi-Fi. What gives?