Will L2TP VPN with split tunnel be supported?

Will the Omnia be able to connect to a L2TP VPN server and do split tunneling?

I’ve been running an old Linksys E3000 with dd-wrt for many years, and it’s able to connect to my work via L2TP with split tunneling so only work traffic goes through the tunnel and all other traffic (i.e. netflix) goes directly to the internet via my ISP.

I need to get a new router and have put in a pledge for the omnia, just wondering if it will support such a configuration and if it will be difficult to setup.


Did you check if it’s supported by OpenWRT? If it is, it’s supported by the Omnia. The OpenWRT wiki is the place to start at.


No I have not checked OpenWRT. I guess part of the question is if it will be supported, the other part is if there will be an easier way to set it up. It was a PITA to setup in dd-wrt on the E3000.

I don’t see any reason why it should not work. Any VPN is just another network interface, where you set up which subnets it can reach. In your case, you won’t set it up as a default gateway, you will set the route only for your work subnet.

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