Will it affect warranty if I solder pin headers on the GPIO eyelets?

Hi, I have my Turris Omnia since 1 month now, and I would like to tinker a bit with the GPIO port, e.g. try to connect a push-button for enabling/disabling WLAN without logging in to the web interface. Yes, I know that I also need a software package.

But the GPIO port has no pin header yet, and I would like to solder one onto the PCB. Will I lose warranty by doing that ?


If you don’t have pin header on the board then your board is without GPIO support. There is more than just pins missing from such board and just adding them won’t help. GPIO is no longer available on new 2G boards (and on 1G only until we sold them out). Only first batch of Turris Omnia had GPIO ports (they might return in future but not for now).

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Oh, that’s really bad news. The GPIO ports was one of the reasons why I bought the Omnia. :frowning:

What a surprise! :slight_smile:

Is there a difference in the PCB layout or are only parts (resistors, capacitors, …) missing ?
And is there a documentation what’s missing ?

If possible, I would solder everything needed on the PCB (I have a friend who can do SMD soldering).

You can found schematics on doc.turris.cz.

And no there is no change on pcb. Some parts are just not there. But it’s nothing like simple missing resistor or capacitor. The reason why there is no gpio on board is because we couldn’t get bus switches. You can look to schematics to see what is missing. But I don’t think that you will get needed parts because we tried to get them and bought them out even from retail shops.

Could you notify me if the parts become available again ?

Me? No. I am not tracking it. I will most probably found out when new batch of routers comes out with gpio (and that can be year or so and possibly never) because I am not handling manufacturing stuff. I just know the reason why current omnias don’t have gpio. Also us having those parts doesn’t mean that retail shops have them too and vice versa. And you can’t ask me to track retail shops just for you, sorry.

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OK, thanks. I’ll try to find a compatible replacement part.