Will Domoticz (3.8153-1) for TO be fixed


I’m making my first steps in the world of domotica. In relation to this i installed the Domoticz package (3.8153-1 fo TO). Unfortunately this package doesn’t work.
I did quiet some reading, especially on the Czech forum part. As far as i can see/translate, the issue seems to be known but gets not fixed.
Will it ever be fixed?


Is Domoticz package working now?

Responding to threads, which are 2/3 years old is not usually a good idea. I would be thinking that OP found threads about asking or had issues with the latest version of Domoticz for Turris gadgets.

Domoticz as other packages comes from OpenWrt as they are without any further modifications. We are not maintainers of it.

If you have any issues with Domoticz, feel free to open an issue in OpenWrt packages repository.

Good idea @Pepe… but where is the OpenWrt packages repository forum?

OpenWrt forum: https://forum.openwrt.org/
OpenWrt packages repository: https://github.com/openwrt/packages

This is not a question for Turris forum but for OpenWrt packages forum, isn’t it?

Is your Forum to share comments between your users or only to solve technical questions about your system?

I have another question (related with SAMBA problem in new TOS5 update) but I don’t know if the best way to solve it is the Forum o directly through an email to your SAT