Wifi6 and antenna

Will the Mox support Wifi6 (802.11ax) ? I think you already get miniPCIe cards for wifi6.

Would the antenna design remain the same?

Where can I find a photo of the antenna(s) for the Mox?

The research I did lead to the point there might never be miniPCIe-cards at all for WiFi 6.
The cards, that are right now available, do only support M.2
Full blown setup for WiFi 6 needs 8 antenna for 5GHz and 4 for 2GHz. If I remember correctly the MOX has only 3 antenna available.


I guess Mox needs a module with M.2 soon.

I’m struggling to find any photos or specs about the Mox’s wifi antennas. Know where I can read about this?

Mostly wondering about wifi performance and range.

We currently use the Ubiquiti AirCube range of devices. I’d be keen to know how Mox compares on wifi performance.

I think the only sources are the campaign and the CZ.nic’s MOX-page.
If there would be a MOX B-analogue with M.2 I think the MOX (A+B) could power WiFi 6. Unfortunately one could not use PoE as it would not be strong enough to power hungry M.2-card.
From my experience internal antenna don’t ensure good coverage. Better use specific external antenna to really control how you cover your place.