Wifi printer inaccessible over wifi

I reported this once before, and it seemed like it eventually went away, but I have now seen it twice in 2 days.

The wifi printer we have will suddenly be inaccessible for other WIFI clients. Accessing from a wired client will work as expected. Rebooting the turris resolves the issue.

I had a few minutes to look at this last night before I gave up and rebooted. As a wifi client, I could not ping the printer, nor could i see its mac address in my arp table. I played with tcpdump briefly, but ultimately gave up and rebooted.

What would be the best way to troubleshoot this issue going forward?

Write whether you were looking for a problem with the printers wifi ! WiFi Oven nearby ? If the cable is correct. If the WiFi router generally works - search for a problem on the function of the WiFi printer.

If the cable ti printer is correct, if the WiFi router generally works other WiFi clients are OK - there must be a problem on the function of the WiFi client printer

@JardaB - Good suggestion, but if you look at my original post I said that I can access the wifi printer from a wired connection just fine. So long as the computer I access the printer from is connected to the Turris router via a cable, it works. If the client is also on wifi, it doesn’t work.

I would add that I have seen this problem atttempting to run a minecraft server from a laptop as well. Other laptops were not able to connect to the server (all via wifi) so it isn’t unique to the printer,

I don’t understand your description too much. But it doesn’t matter. The printer has the possibility of connecting a cable and via WiFi? Is the printer connected to the computer by a cable or is the cable connected to the router? You ask connect other WiFi clients to the printer? Some printers turn off their WiFi module if you join cable. Deliver the printer by cable directly to the router or disconnect it from the cable and use only its wifi. My instructions are also not understood, perhaps they will serve as inspiration.

Moje tiskarna Epson vyzadovala uz od zacatku instalace volbu kabel/wifi ovladace. Predpokladam, ze s opacnym ovladacem dane pripojeni nefunguje. Ale nevim, nemam vyzkouseno.
Nemate v routeru zapnuty filtr MAC adres?

My Epson printer has set out the cable/wifi driver option since the installation. I assume that with the oposite driver connection does not work. But I don’t know, I’m not being tried.
Don’t you have a MAC filter on in your router?