Wifi Mox A came with MOX G instead of MOX B (with Wifi added?)

So I ordered a second Module G because MOX B should be sent. By the way the 2nd wifi module came with a MOX G so now my extra ordered MOX G is like a brick.
Does other customer have the same issue (got MOX G instead of B?)

I’m just curious… why is that an “issue”? Is G worse than B for something you need? (Except that if you knew beforehand, you might not have ordered an extra module.)

Hi, it’s an issue for me because I ordered a G-Module so I can use 2 mpci cards on my mox.

But as understood the mox can only support one G and one B module so only with this both modules I get 2 mpcie ports. Two G Modules where not possible.

I ordered the additionally G Module because on indigogo site the wifi kit should be arrived with an extra B Module and not an G Module as I got. So now I have an 2nd G Module which I cannot use and no 2nd mpcie port because I need instead an B Module.

Hope this is understood.

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Maybe it is possbile to add an 2nd G module by hacking the board.
But how?
Better is to exchange the G module by a B module.