Wifi connectivity problem


I just got my Omnia with Wifi/LTE.

I have noticed very unsettling behaviour.

For Android devices: phones and Android TV
Wifi connection keep disconnecting and reconnecting every few seconds. The messages usually go “Waiting for the quality to improve” or “Internet is not available”.

For MacBook:
Wifi is keeping connected but are occasional huge lags possibly related to packet loss.

For the Omnia itself:
Every other reboot the 5 GHz Wifi card is not found and basically non-existent from the system point of view. To get it back I need to reboot the router again.

I have noticed the antenna screws came in loose, but I tightened them up, so I’m pretty sure antennas are connected fine.

Please help. It ruins the joy of the promising purchase.

Could you post some System Logs please?
If you manage to post logs from when Wifi is working and logs from when Wifi is not working,
the easiest way way to get logs is in the LuCI Webinterface under “Status - System Log”.

Had a similar issue with a Kobo eReader. Turns out dnsmasq(?) wasn’t sending option 6 (dns servers) for some reason. Manually adding “6,a.b.c.d” to the DHCP config of that interface helped. Maybe “no internet connection” refers to the lack of resolving DNS advertised to the client. Not likely, but could be. Also, make sure DHCP is really running. I managed to crash dnsmasq once (my fault, but still annoying).

You using 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz network?

If you are using the 2.4 GHz, do scan for the amount of wifi-networks near you. It could be overcrowded. Also look if you can get another channel that is better suited an less crowded. These could be some factors.

EDIT: You could maybe use iwinfo to scan for the networks surrounding your Turris Omnia.

Step 1: Install “iwinfo”

Step 2: Login via ssh (use putty if you are on windows.

Step 3: iwinfo (wifi-adapter (usually wlan0 or wlan1)) scan

So you should type as an example

iwinfo wlan0 scan

There you can see all the wifi-routers around you and with the necessary details.

I think LuCi has a GUI option to scan wifi in the assigned band - should be available in wireless section

Yeah, i can indeed assume that also, but using iwinfo, i think it gives you more info. That is why i referred to that.

I receive DNS server just fine. br-lan interface has 6, option set (I changed LAN IP range).

The problem happens on both 2.4 and 5 GHz. I also tried out changing channels on both bands. Actually on 5 GHz band I have pretty quiet neighborhood.

Here are syslogs for both when router finds 5 GHz card and when it doesn’t.

I had a quick look at it, no obvious errors, system doesn’t seem able to find or enable pci 0000:00:02.0 (5GHz Wifi Card), just like you said.

Anything I can do to verify my claim that the 5 GHz wifi card may be broken? Does someone from Turris project may have any input? Thanks.

I have the same problem with the missing 5 GHz card. Every other reboot the card is missing.