WiFi clients hang daily

I installed my new Omnia last week. Ever since, my clients’ WiFi connections hang about once per day. This happens on both clients I’ve used on the network so far, a Mac desktop and a Windows laptop. I cannot reach the internet nor the router admin interface when it happened. When I disconnect and reconnect my client, connectivity is instantly restored.

I tried enacting the solution found here. It doesn’t help. It wouldn’t surprise me if the same problem is to blame, though. The workaround there is to set the group rekey rate to once per day, and there is some indication in the linked thread that the workaround is already merged into the software as a default. And I’ve been having this problem once per day.

Now if I could guarantee that the key rotation happened at 3 AM, then it might be OK. (I could schedule a reboot for 3 AM, if that will work.) But if this really is the problem, I don’t understand how anyone who needs both key rotation and a reliable connection copes with it. Is it unrealistic to expect the key rotation to happen almost transparently?

If key rotation is not really the problem – well, how do I figure out the cause?

Did you try psk2+tkip+aes encryption? And investigated the log(s) like the OP of the thread you cited?

Thanks, I had overlooked the WPA setting. I changed it, and it has been smooth sailing so far.

Unfortunately, my connection hanged two more times today. The associated log message is deauthenticated due to inactivity (timer DEAUTH/REMOVE). However, I’m not sure if that message was published when my connection hanged, or when I manually disconnected in order to restore it. In any case, my client had been fully powered and active on the network when the connection hanged.

What I’ve done now: Move to a more-isolated wireless channel, and decrease my transmit power, which had been at maximum. What’s been happening seems more like a protocol error, though, so I’m skeptical. We’ll see.

Try to play with skip_inactivity_poll and max_inactivity if you have messages like you mentioned.