WIFI Cards Compex WLE650-V5 25, Compex WLE650-V5 18

I have two Wifi cards for sale as i did not get any of them to work in my turris omnia router.
Also i can include the mathing cables to the default SMA connection for wifi antennas.

  1. Compex WLE650-V5 25
  2. Compex WLE650-V5 18

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Did you follow the other threads in this forum where solutions to make the compex wave2-cards working are described?


i somehow had both cards, first started with the 650-V5 25 and got disappointed as that one wasnt working as suspected. So i went further and tried to install the WLE650-V5 18 card, but that one did not work either, so i got a bit frustrated and quit the tinkering.

If there is a “fool proof” guide, or somebody could help me with the firmware files and stuff i need to do to get it working, i’d appreciate the help.

Mostly i had problems with the mPCIE Slots, and loading the correct firmware. The device was listed with LSPCI but no firmware was loaded or working correctly.



I did manage to install the WLE650-V5 18 card but the performance was still very unstable.
Therefore i first left it in my router.
The WLE650-V5 25 is still for sale.
Hereby you find the eBay Link: