WiFi Antennas best location / ubication . Where? How to?

A very easy question:

Any recomendation about the instalation of the WiFi antennas for MIMO 2x2 & MIMO 3x3?

Any picture about location proposed… or youtube installation video?


If you want to go with the internal antennas included in your set - just make sure, they sit in 90°-angle to each other (3×3) or 90°-angle horizontal and vertical. That way you get a homogenous sphere coverage if you want to place the MOX in the centre of your flat.

But as every flat is unique and one normally needs better coverage for some rooms than for the others I’d recommend using external antennas: therefore it is necessary to drill 4 holes and install 2 RP-SMA—U.FL adapters and 2 diplexers (can be ordered from turris team). And then connect these external RP-SMAs to antennas orientated in a way that suits best for your environment.

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Thank you for the info

I will consider drilling holes and installing external antenna.
But in the meantime, for either SDIO or ePCI WIFI (we have both), where have you stuck them? I don’t see an easy way to attach them inside the plastic shell without bending the antennae cable way too much (double loop?).
Pictures most welcome.

Hi there, I just installed 2 antennas using pigtails https://www.discomp.cz/pigtail-25cm-rg178-u-fl-rsma-female_d11802.html. I drilled holes in the plastic sides. The pigtails are 15 cm log so I just made a loop + some bending during assembly of the MOX.

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Thanks, that’s very interesting, but I don’t think that we are going to do this mod to the 20 units we have. Clearly there is some arrangement for the stick-on antennas that was intended by the designers of the physical case… I just want to know what it is.

I’d be very interested too!

Dear eldred, can you re-upload the picture please? When I try to open it, the google drive claims it was moved to the recycle-bin.



And if does not work


Thank you for fixing this.

This is how I tried to solve this:

First I removed the old antennas and stored them for an unlikely later use on a sheet of plastic.

Started to drill small holes at the end of the mox enclosure, and widened them step by step, in order to avoid breaking the plastic.

Installed three RP_SMA to u.fl adapters and antennas.

Finished MOX: