Wi-Fi Antenna - Screwed?

the Antenna of the wifi are the srewed in the back?
because i will put “my” Router on a 19" rack i would like to drill some holes in the wings and extend the Antena to the front. hope this will work :wink:

have a nice day

would be nice to get a Feedback, or a Picture i would see

most likely. anything else would make no/little sense… i mean, just look at the board, look at the cases…

(CZ): Pri sroubovani anten 1 a 3, byt za pouziti minimalni sily, se srouby protoci. Opatrnejsi to chytnou vcas, duverivci si protocenim strhnou i kabel na antenu uvnitr (protoci cely maly plosnak) a budou kabel s antenou nahazovat znova. Aka: mam opravdu malo utazene drzaky na antenu. (jako to protoceni se snad musi povesk kazdemu, kdo jen trochu vic utahava antenu na wifine)

Tak to abych si dal pozor, vetsinou vse utahuju az moc :slight_smile:

@xsoft - you could have put this also in english, quite an important note

To our international friends - be careful when screwing your wifi antennas. Don’t screw them too tight as the antenna holders 1 and 3 will “roll over” (can’t find better word) and as a result, their internal cables will get disconnected from from the wifi card connectors and you will need to connect it back.


i saw this video on twitter: https://twitter.com/Petr_Kulich/status/781442070653337600

i guess that’s happening because the signal mixer boards (diplexers) starting to rotate and then the cables become loose, of cause

another reaseon for me to remove them and use 5 antennas instead :wink:

Dobrý den,
o tomto problému víme a upozornili jsme na tento fakt společnost, která routery kompletuje. Více informací o možnosti nápravy viz

Omlouváme se za vzniklé komplikace při montování antén.


to give information also for the English speaking users of Turris Omnia:
We have found out that the connectors for wifi antennas are not screwed tightly enough from the company which assembles the router. We told them about this problem and the next batch of routers will be completed properly.
We apologize for any inconveniences.


One of my antenna connectors was loose. I tightened it myself and now it’s fine :slight_smile:

Here you can see how the antenna HF cables are routed inside the case.

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What size tool i need to tighten the antenna connectors?

The tool size is number eight.

And I m one of those who didn’t realise what was happening.

I opened up the box and tightened the screw connectors, as shown in the video, but one of the internal cables has indeed become disconnected and I cannot see how to reconnect it. From your comment I’m guessing it doesn’t need a soldering iron, so I’m wondering if you can describe what you did to reconnect it.

I really need this, the wireless coverage I’m currently getting is, to say the least, not good (nothing like as good as my 10-year-old Linksys WRT54GL) my music streamer keeps cutting out, not being able to connect to the network, etc.

And I have enabled both wireless chips, neither seems more reliable than the other.

I’d welcome some help before I tear out my hair and throw this box away…

dont worry, just ground yourself (or just get out of static electricity or how to say :)), then simple open the case. Then gently attach wire to the PCB.

OK, it’s the “gently attach” that I don’t know how to do. If I just push them together will they stick?

thanks for your time.

yes :slight_smile: thats correct.