Why Turris should have made an announce about shipping details


Like many of you I got the tracking number of my order the day the shipment was in the delivery vehicle. For some of you it wasn’t an issue, in my case it was, as I’m off the country for the week.
The delivery could be easily delayed for a few days with many shipping company, but Turris chose the worst one in Europe, called GLS!!!
For example, in France, GLS is much more designed for professional/company delivery services, not for home delivery. Today, the delivery guy tried to call me twice from his cellphone, not knowing the number and to avoid additional fees as I was abroad, I rejected the call. The delivery guy left me a funny message: “As you are rejecting my calls, I guess you refuse the shipment, it will be sent back to sender”. I had to call back the guy to ask to leave a delivery notice in my mailbox. But with GLS, it’s hard to get a new delivery attempt because:
1- You have to call a premium number : 0,80€ /mn
2- You can’t choose to be delivered to a collect point because Turris shipped it as a Business Parcel, which is not compatible with this service. Very annoying when they know that most of us are end users and not business customers…
3- If you are lucky enough to get a new delivery attempt, you have to take a day off as there is no delivery time range given. In my case I can’t make it deliver to my office…
So what are my solutions? Leave GLS send it back to the sender? Turris giving the order to GLS to deliver it to a proximity collect point?
The most frustrating thing is that I contacted Turris to tell them I could be abroad when they will ship my order, they replied that I should tell the shipping company to hold the shipment. I could… if it was shipped with another company than GLS!
By the way, is there a way to contact Turris and get a quick reply? They reply randomly on Twitter…


Edit: Oh and if you try to contact GLS by email, you receive a nice automatic reply asking you to… call their premium number. What a bunch of f***tards…

Well you have unsettled my heart :(.

I am not sure if there are people who live in the Netherlands and by which company they got their Omnia delivered?

NIC.CZ said in August that we must complete our shipping address etc. Back then i was waiting if i would get chosen of a list of people the new apartment or not. I chose a more safe way to put the address of a friend of mine on it. After i got the appartment i changed the shipping address again (somewhere in the beginning of september). However that friend of mine he works in another city, so he will not be at home to receive it.

Also is the question, will it go to that friend of mine, or will i get it on my new address because i changed it back in september.

wwwaaaaahhh XD…ANARCHY!!! :joy:

Well, the worst part is that if they shipped it using PostNL like backers living outsider the EU, I should have received a delivery notice from my post office saying the package would be available for 2 weeks at my local post office…

I have read some posts of backers giving a printscreen of a POSTNL-track and trace living in US for example. So i am not sure about other countries.

That’s what I was saying, outside EU they used PostNL to avoid customs, like some chinese stores (Gearbest, Aliexpress, …).

They use PostNL also in some EU countries, if not in all, but PostNL hands over the final delivery to other companies based on the destination country.

That’s weird, the tracking shows GLS handling from Czech Republic to France, via Germany.

Write GLS message or write there post through Facebook. They should handle it better than this and also dont forget about behavior of that courier.

If only they had a community manager, or even a Facebook/Twitter account for France :smiley:

Ok, another opinion:
Write this to Turris team and they will redict your message to GLS CZ I suppose and they will call GLS in France :smiley:
Try Indiegogo, new member (which is btw Community Manager) responding there to every comment.

Done! Thanks Pepe, let’s see if they will find a solution.

Tracking seems to show that the parcel is returning to sender, thanks GLS…

Hm, looks good so far, but no eMail receivced.

I was wrong, the parcel is in the delivery vehicule for a new attempt…

I agree that delivery experience is less than spectacular, I don’t even have a tracker, yet my order was shipped, I am screwed without it, if something happens to the parcel.

Fl0w, you bought a router for 200+ euros, and you don’t have few cents to answer a call when you are abroad?

How can I call a premium number from abroad? Read the whole topic and think a little bit before trying to give lessons to others…

No to make a call, but to answer a call. Read properly.

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My bad. Well, I was in a museum if you wanna know, I have a bit of education to not answer, I had to rush out of the museum to call back the guy…
And my habit is to not reply when I don’t know the number. In France we receive a lot of ping calls or unwanted calls for surveys :slight_smile:
Edit: Status of the day: not delivered due to traffic issues :smile:

I got my parcel from GLS too (albeit in CZE) and I was able to pick it up in delivery center. #justsaying