Why move the antenna with Omnia WiFi-6 Upgrade Kit?

Just received the WiFi-6 Upgrade Kit from discomp.cz

The advice is to move two antenna to where the two plastic blanks are/were. However, those two holes are already taken by two LTE antenna I use for my 4G card. Why can’t I leave everything as is; progress to the next step (add an antenna to each end/side of the new lid) and be done with it?

Any reason why that’s not a good idea? If I go the recommended route, I’m going to wait more days for a longer pigtail cable (for LTE) to be delivered.

I’m just curious as to why move anything, even if you don’t have LTE antenna. Is it just for aesthetics?

No, it’s a practical advice. You can leave the antennas in their positions temporarily, but prepare for moving them to the recommended places in the near future. The Wifi 6 card tries to do beamforming and MIMO, and for these to work correctly, it is needed to have the antennas as far from each other as possible (this is a bit of handwaving argument as I don’t understand the underlying physics very well, but you can try imagining it purely geometrically: if you try to beamform the transmission for a client, you basically create a triangle between two antennas and the client; the closer the antennas are to each other, the sharper the angle of the client’s triangle vertex, and thus it requires much more precise control of the beamform - even a very slight delay at one of the antennas would result in a very different client vertex position).


Thanks so much for that speedy reply. Very much appreciate all you’ve typed up. I’m sure some users have asked themselves this same question.

May I add: any 4G modem user will need to purchase a slightly longer (just one) minipigtail RSMA female - u.Fl cable that attaches to the 4G modem, as the new position for one of the LTE Antenna is just out of reach. Don’t know if you could just forget that and stick it into the now empty middle hole without signal problems… and looking unbalanced too.

Like I mentioned ages ago, I bought this device for its mobile 4G capability, and for the pretty flashing lights. Well, if I’m honest, mainly for the pretty flashing lights.

Thanks again :clap: