Which Turris 4.0.1 medkit is actually correct for Omnia?

Referring to documentation here about using the medkit for a full flash, it looks like they may be pointing to the wrong medkit file?

Docs point to:
/hbs/medkit/omnia-medkit-latest.tar.gz which is 35MB (6608 files, 99276KB uncompressed).

However, the repo has another file at:
/omnia/medkit/omnia-medkit-latest.tar.gz which is 55MB (10509 files, 168244KB uncompressed).

The /hbs/medkit file is missing crucial files like /sbin/block, which the LuCI module for fstab requires.

The /omnia/medkit file DOES contain the /sbin/block file, so is this the “correct” medkit file for a Turris Omnia? Should the documentation be updated?

Do I need to reflash? :frowning:

Actually, never mind. One is for 4.x, the other is for 3.x, lol.
Still, the missing /sbin/block file from the 4.x medkit is annoying …

Is it true that there is no support of SFP in Turris 4.x?

Actually 4.x supports SFP, but not as in previous versions. That is, those hacks are missing, which make the module practically universal. So it’s much less likely to work. There are significantly less possibilities. Since then the module depends on OpenWRT and this branch wants to maintain adherence to OpenWRT it will remain as it is and that is less compatible, but it is not said that it does not work at all. For me, for example, switching from 3.x to 4.x no longer works, ie it cannot be used, unless you recompile the entire build and redo it for each update with changes to the module’s code lines. But I needed something already working.

Ok, so after much poking and digging, it appear the medkit builder is not installing the folllowing packages which are required for the LuCI “fstab” modules:

  • block-mount
  • e2fsprogs

These two packages and some more are included in the NAS package list, which you can install in the Updater tab in Foris.

Unfortunately, each user has different requirements and it is not possible to have preinstalled almost every package. We can have the opposite discussion as to why the user B on his router has preinstalled some packages from medkit, which he does not want to use. On the other hand, it saves the space and complexity of the LuCI.