Which mini PCI express Version is MOX supporting?


i would like to know which mPCIe Version the MOX is supporting? I didnt find anything in the documentation which version of mPCIe is supported.

The WLE900VX is using mPCIe 1.1.

I would like to implant the following mPCIe 2.0 wifi cards in the MOX but this only makes sense if MOX support mPCIe 2.0.

WLE1216V5-20 I-TEMP
WLE1216V2-20 I-TEMP

All these Cards support Openwrt 3 and above.

What mPCIe Version is MOX supporting?

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I cannot tell which version it is supporting, but I can tell you that the WLE1216v5-20 is running perfectly stable in it (as I have one myself and tested it in my MOX) :slight_smile:
edit: I answer here also for your other thread - there are many users that already tried the WLE1216v5-20 inside their Omnias, just have a look here: Wlan 5g not starting most of the time

:grinning: Very happy. So these cards are good supported.
What is your Data throughput with tests like speedtest.net or fast.com?

Have you noticed any Data throughput and range improvements?
I assume you are using Turris OS 4 with the Candelatech ath10k firmware and ath10k-kmod?

Internet connection speedtests show the maximum available troughput (in my Situation close to 100/40 Mbps DL/UL - that’s what my ISP is providing).
Data throughput will be better as WLE1216v5-20 is a 802.11ac wave2-card and therefore throughput can reach 1733Mbps (in real life something close to 1GiB/s) - but that depends highly on your client devices. What gets better is MU-MIMO. Range should be somewhat the same.
But please - just have a look into the thread (as it will at least answer the third of your questions) I linked and ask your questions there as maybe more people will be answering :slight_smile: