Where to buy Turris Mox?

Unfortunately I missed the Indiegogo campaign.
Where can I buy the Turris Mox?

I red that it will be available on second half this year. Is there more details already?

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https://www.czc.cz/mox/hledat … only one piece

https://www.softech.cz/&srch=turris&oth=true … , the external warehouse (??) therefore is not available


Available earlier than my early bird.


What a surprise :slight_smile:

In Germany (worldwide shipping to), you can buy it here:

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Discomp lists it as well:

Links mostly work fine, but I haven’t found any eshop, where to buy case. I have extra module from indiegogo campaign, but without case. I expected to receive the case as-well, but so far nothing was delivered.

I received an email saying that MOX components are now available for purchase through Amazon. Seems most of the MOX range is available at the german version of Amazon, a less range at the UK version of Amazon.