Where is sshd_config?

I would like to change sshd settings on turris omnia. Unfortunately there is no sshd_config in /etc/ssh/. I found one in /tmp/etc/ssh/, which is overwritten at reboot. Where can I change ssh server settings?

That actual config in /tmp is # auto-generated config file from /etc/config/sshd

Ok, thanks! That’s a bit strange though, I don’t get the point why sshd is not using the config directly form /etc/config but instead a file located in /var/etc. Is there a convenient way to re-generate the config file in /var/etc from /etc? (I would like to change ssh settings without restarting the router if possible)

:slight_smile: i face similar issue a two day ago with samba,vsftpd configs :)))

Yep strange a bit, but that’s OpenWRT approach, all is in ‘memory’ generated in case of failure …
(also it allows luci to write changes and apply later on as battery of changes…) …

/etc/config has many templates for many sevices and names of those are not same as you get used to it from linux. /etc/config/samba is source for smb.conf, vsftpd is souce for vsftpd.conf and so on.
But check against openwrt wiki what each template allows as option and what is adopted name for it.

Personally i am thinking to activate LXC container with Debian and deploy sshd and such (not luci supported) services there in environment i know a bit more :slight_smile: