Where are statistics graphs?


I’m still trying to get familiar with my brandnew omnia…
At the moment I use it only providing basics like DNS, DHCP, DDNS, VLANs etc.
Seem to work fine :slight_smile:

But: Where can i find the configured statistics / graphs ??
LuCI “Status-Realtime Graphs” is OK, but only showing the last 3 minutes.
“Statistics - Graphs” only shows an empty page (with links to websites collectd and rrtool).
Under “Statistics - Setup” the plugins are enabled.
collectd is running.

Any advise ?

Thanks in advance

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i think you need to enable the plugins?
this site is helpful

ive them enabled now.
its recommended to change to RRDTool Storage directory to a mounted disk (usb/sata) otherwise it will store it in /tmp and thats you memory. if you leave it in /tmp your memory consumption will increase and you will loose all graphs on a router reboot


Thanks !
"/etc/init.d/luci_statistics enable" was the solution.

I have the same problem and I just used the same command but still no graphs :frowning:

Look here (but dont forget to use translate)


Yes, /etc/init.d/luci_statistics enable & /etc/init.d/collectd enable saved the day, I now have graphs, thanks. (I also created the directories used by collectd, LuCI does not seem to do it by default.)

I had no-graphs rendered issue during playing with collectd/rrdtool …when:

  1. there is dummy ‘option’ line in config file (like with null/EOF instead of value…)
  2. it complains about sub-config folder/file (not-existing, empty, no rights …)
    – for that i just comment that line (i don’t have such configs …yet)
  3. reinstalled all ‘stats’ packages while old types.db was still present (or was missing completely).
  4. manually removed some plugin from config file for collectd, but LuCi config entry still active.
  5. after reinstall of rrdtool and reconnect to old rrd folder with old files.

Some hints from my yesterday’s playing with collect/rrd/luci-stat stuff (all is working perfectly now :slight_smile:
When you uninstall any collectd-mod plugin you have to remove correspond rrd files to let LuCi not show it in ‘Graphs’ section.
For rrdtool if you change format/content/timestamp of rrdfiles on already running collecting process, you have to refresh them manually (respectively prepare new ones if you do not care about already collected data).
After removal of app, restore backup configs for luci-statistics and/or collectd before installing them back.

I am bit of new to OpenWRT, so most of the basic stuff/design is new to me.

I used everything here and I missed one thing. Even though I am not 100% sure.

I had directory for rdrtool setup on /mnt/nas/grafy But the folder was not created. After I created it, then it started showing and I see all the various stuff inside.

16:12 created folder grafy
12:12 and later various folders and files appeared inside.

Can anyone please post a screenshot of the collectd statistics setup screen in LuCI I messed up some things and it seems I can’t revert to good state. somehow luci keeps turning & turning when I apply the settings.