When will we se MOX available for purchase?

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I’m in the mood of replacing my TO, as 1. I anyway need it as LTE- modem/router for my allotment, 2. I am anyway replacing the router functionality by a server running a x86-64 openwrt vm and 3. consider the TO to good to be just used as an access point in my house - that’s just what the MOX has been build for (at least for my use case).
And I’d also like to replace a WRT32x which is also overkill.
So the question is: when will I be able to buy it - and where?
I’d be building it using the PoE, A, B and G modules, 2 diplexers, drilling 4 holes into the case and add a WLE1216V5-20 and a MikroTik R11e-2HPnD as well as the relevant cabling/pigtails.


I could see it on sale in some Czech shops for quite some time, e.g. discomp.cz czc.cz itage.cz (maybe there are other options, too)

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Thanks a lot! At least discomp.cz is providing an international website, the others seem to provide only czech language (or maybe I am just unable to find the option to change it).

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I can recommend using discomp.cz

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Some sources have been listed in this thread: Where to buy Turris Mox?

It seems that MOX PABG is cheaper in Czech Republic than in Germany even with its long way delivery. Thanks @all for your recommendations.

discomp.cz is super-reliable, fast and very serious. I respond to emails. I recommend it for any purchase. Also with international shipping.