What RAID Perfomance to expect by USB

I use a USB 3 HDD Enclosure for 2 Drives (no UASP, RAID 1). No matter what Drives i put in, the Readspeed maxes out a around 85 Mbyte/s. The Drives a capable of much more on my laptop (>150Mbyte/s). Is this a limitation of the Turris Device or any other Speedhack possible?

How do you test the speed? And filesystem is on the RAID?

You can test the read speed using:

echo 3 >/proc/sys/vm/drop_caches && time dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/null bs=100M count=10 conv=sync

Then just divide 1 GB by the reported real time and you’ve got the read speed. As always, be careful with dd to correctly type the command, otherwise it can wipe all your data (especially take care of what is if (input file) and of (output file)).

Here are the results with my devices:

Akitio RAID 1 with two 2.5" drives, usb-storage driver on TOS 3.x: read speeds about 120 MB/s.

i-Tec RAID 1 with two 3.5" drives, uas driver on TOS 5.x (lsusb tells me it is connected via 480 Mbps USB, I don’t know why): read speeds about 45 MB/s.

Just for reference:

Internal eMMC on TOS 3.x: 41 MB/s

mSATA SSD on TOS 5.x: 345 MB/s.

I used fio for benchmark testing (could not reconstruct exact command), device is a mdadm raid1 formatted with btrfs. with above dd command i get 140 mbyte/s as well of the raid. But as soon as i use filesystem read like with fio, the bandwidth drops to 80-85mbyte - thats what i get over samba/ubuntu lxc. Would be awesome to saturate the gbyte link.

Well, it’s still important to differentiate local filesystem read performance from network traffic/protocol performance. Samba might need quite some tuning (of both the server and client) to max out the gbit link. You can have a look at Maxmilian's notes on smb.conf .