What is relation between forum.turris.cz and www.turris.cz/forum/

Hi, I am a new proud Turris Omnia owner and I will have several Turris Omnia questions soon (unfortunately I did not manage to setup everything I wanted). However, I wonder what is the appropriate forum to ask now.

I am aware of (legacy?) forum https://www.turris.cz/forum/ where I have already seen several useful points. However, this https://forum.test.turris.cz/ forum seems to be a newer one. I am not aware of any synchronization between them.

My question is simple: Where new queries should be posted to to get as many readers (and especially responders with useful tips ;-)) as possible?

From my point of view, this new forum is primarily targeted to the owners of Turris Omnia routers and discussion here is conducted in English. The legacy forum is mostly in Czech and is basically for the participants of the former Turris Project, before Omnia was introduced.

So I would expect this forum would get soon much more larger user base. But since a lot things is similar in former Turris routers, one can find useful information in the legacy forum. However, I would not recommend to start new discussions regarding Omnia there.

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Hi, in fact, the old forum is soon-to-be-deprecated. We just need to create some more categories here, then we will make the old forum a read-only archive of (mostly Czech) topics.

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