What is Hostnames setting in LuCI for?

Hello all,
I’m looking into setting hostnames or aliases for devices in my NW, basically I want if I type \router or \omnia it will be router to or some other name for other device and IP.

But I can’t figure it out so far, I found “Hostnames” options in LuCI but that doesn’t seems to do that.

“Use forwarding” is ticked off ( as I’m using omnia as VPN client )

Not sure where to look. I’m pretty sure it have to have something to do with DNS service but openwrt is new to me.

It does exactly what you want to use if for. It is a static mapping hostname=ip, which will be served by the DNS on the router.

Other devices, which get their IP via DHCP, are resolved by names that you can put in either into their DHCP reservation, or by names them themselves send to DHCP.

But it uses dnsmasq for that, which has the DNS part off by default on Omnia. See the thread: How do I get all my dhcp hostnames on a my house domain?

Thanks adding line to /etc/init.d/kresd and the port change as described in that link made it work as I wanted. Strange is that it doesn’t work out of the box, is this a bug or something I had configured wrongly elsewhere ? Before when I had entries in “Hostnames” it did nothing… anyway it works now and i’m happy :smile:

It is not really a bug.

The Turris team prioritized DNSSEC for security (hence kresd) and underestimated the interest in resolving local hostnames. In the time they had to prepare the release, they probably didn’t have enough time to dot all the Is and cross the Ts.

The original openwrt is exactly the other way - no DNSSEC, but dnsmasq for DNS, both remote and local. There, this functionality works out of the box.