What generates UDP traffic on port 65001 on each interface?

could someone tell me what is generating UDP traffic on every interface (WAN included) on dst. port 65001 on broadcast address?
Is it BIRD? Or?
Thank you…

I suppose you don’t have HDHomeRun DVR from SiliconDust…

No I don’t. It was no.1 result of Google search but it’s not my case.
I noticed there are 2 packets sent approx. each 20 secs.
Netstat could not find any PID for this traffic.

Hi, I have the same problem. UDP traffic is generated on every interface on dst. port 65001 with broadcast address. I can see a record in /var/log/iptables for broadcast on WAN iface.

I find out the traffic is ganerated by tvheadend. But I don’t know how to disable brodcasting. I found some guide on

Sorry mislick :slight_smile: . I found some guide on http://tvheadend.org/boards/5/topics/26345

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The link doesn’t work (page doesn’t exists)

Sorry, one more time https://tvheadend.org/boards/5/topics/26345

Good. Now it makes sense. UDP 65001 is used by HDHomeRun and I was confused because I don’t have it.
--disable-hdhomerun_client option for tvheadend makes clear where this traffic comes from.

But the turris omnia distro tvheadend doesn’t support this parameter :-(.

This appears to not be an command line parameter unfortunatelly (you could insert it to init script), but compile parameter.

For that, you would must compile whole theadend for yourself, or we must persuade NIC team, to compile their tvheadend plugin with this option…

I know but my question was what is source of this traffic. Now I know that It’s not malicious and source is clear now so it’s enough answer to me.

Yes, I know, I tried to react to lubis… I didnt know about this traffic at all, but as I have tvheadend running, I would like to get rid of that also :slight_smile:

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As a workaround I block this DST port by firewall.
I will look deeper into tvheadend if it can be disabled somehow even when compiled with hdhomerun support.

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