Weird DSA switch issues. TOS 5.2.0 (HBK)

Hi, I have two Omnias. One is configured as router and second is dumb AP.

I have RJ-45 WAN interface on the router connected to ISP and a cat5 cable between Omnia (router) port 4 and Omnia (ap) WAN port (eth2). In this setup everything is working as expected. I can switch between networks and I always get IP instantly. Stay tuned.

So router has only LAN ports bridged and ap has all ports bridged. My weird issue is that it shouldn’t matter which lan port I choose in AP to get connectivity but weirdly only WAN port make the connection possible. My understanding is that like that it has to pass access point’s SoC.



I will try to explain weirdness in this…

So when I try to connect to other port than WAN (eth2) on my AP. Lets say lan4 (so physically connected to eth0) I can connect to access points’ wifi and then switch to routers wifi but not back. So when I switch between wifi networks it works only one way. I think one of our forum members discovered a workaround to (I believe) the same issue here:

And when I add lan4.1 (vlan1 from the solution) to the ap bridge and I connect a cable to port4 lets say I do get IP when I switch between networks but then I am loosing some pings between router and ap via cable which is weird as well.

I suspect some bug in the DSA switch driver. It might be something related to CPU tagging/untagging and bridges themselves. I know we have to wait for the upstream OpenWRT to do some work ([OpenWrt Wiki] Roadmap and Release Goals for 21.02) but its clearly an issue when I would like to free up wan (eth2) on the ap and connect second ISP for example but still have one logical lan network.

I could post configs of the devices if someone is interested but its quite basic setup.

Any ideas what might be wrong?

EDIT: In short when AP is connected to port other than WAN (eth2) the router is offering DHCP lease but its somehow not forwarded to the AP’s wifi client.


So I’ve contacted turris team via gitlab and the issue is known to them.

Closing for now.

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