Webapps - documentation

Where can we find more details on integration with 3rd party web apps?

We call it webapps.
It’s can be found once you want to access your router administration via HTTP or HTTPS (e.g.
By default, you can find there Foris and LuCI. If I remember correctly, @miska has added for now integration for these packages: Transmission, TVheadend, Nextcloud.

How you can add webapp yourself for applications, which you want can be found here from this commit.

  1. Basically, you need to add the configuration file to /usr/share/turris-webapps. One of those files, which are there can be used as an example. Copy it and edit it to correspond with app, which you’d like.

  2. You’d need to add the icon to /www/webapps-icons

And that’s all.

Right now, I’d like to add there netdata as well, but any requests are welcome, however, I’d need to ask you to create a separate thread for it.


I found DELAY=“25” in /usr/share/turris-webapps/turris-root-cgi, I set it to 60.

I also see that the DEFAULT_URL is set to whichever is first in the list.

I created a webapp for YAMon

I assume this thread is the separate request? Or should there be a “Webapps - request” thread?

With respect to adding netdata, I think there would need to be a redirect set up first. I attempted to create a Webapp for it:

NAME="Netdata Live Monitoring"

but I got as the URL.

That’s why I’m assuming there would need to be a redirect.

For the Netdata you should have there:


I’d appreciate if you can create a thread for webapps requests. :slight_smile:

Thank you for replying. I figured it out too.

I’ll get a thread going on that.

Very nice, thanks…

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Just found this… very cool. I will add this as an option to the YAMon setup script.