Web Filter & Web Proxy

I am interested in your product. You mentioned it is running OpenWrt. I would like to know if it would be possible to have it run as both a router but also a proxy. I would like to protect my kids from pornographic material and have had great success with SafeSquid and Diladele. Both have real-time web filtering including image recognition.

Would it be possible to run these linux packages on your device?

From the first look they both look like proprietary software so you would need vendor provided armv7l static binary otherwise it would be impossible. If there is open-source version, that one might be compiled for Omnia so with little work it would be possible. But ordinary Squid should be available and installable out of the box.

i think would work to put squid in a lxc Container, or not?

Containers doesn’t solve everything :wink: As said, normal Squid is available from repository directly, so it can be installed easily even without container. Those two mentioned programs looks proprietary, so you would need to get static armv7l binary from the vendor and that would work anywhere - directly on Omnia or inside the container. But again, this is about getting it compiled for the right architecture, nothing that container can help you with.

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Are there any plans to include an Internet filter by default please?

they will figure it out eventually…

Off the top of my head, I’m not sure Omnia is even powerful enough to run reasonably accurate porn-detecting image recognition on all traffic without slowing it down noticeably.

BTW, isn’t everyone migrating to https now? I’d think even porn would do so.