We sent migration notification for Turris Omnia in 3.11.23 RC

Hi guys,

I want to let you know that we sent a migration notification for Turris Omnia routers, currently using the RC branch. There you can find Turris OS 3.11.23.

The notification below was sent in the English and Czech languages:

Update to the latest Turris OS version is available. The update, for now, requires manual approval. To update your router, you must enable package list ‘Migration to Turris OS 5.x (HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL)’ in the Foris web interface.

More info is available in the official documentation 3.x migration - Turris Documentation.

This is a short announcement that this happened in the RC branch, and shortly, we will send this notification to the routers in the stable branch.


Today, we sent the notification even for the Turris Omnia router owners in the production version of Turris OS 3.11.23.

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I was sent here from another thread : looking at the existing doc my currunt TOS 3 configuration seems not to be possible in TOS5.
I do not see anything about bridging between ports.
Is the new TOS limited to 1 WAN port and several LAN ports without notion of native vlan, of bridging a vlan between LAN and WAN ?

My Omnia installed today the tos3to4-notify package, which I cannot uninstall. Thus it makes me think that uograde to 5 will be pushed werehas 1) I have absolutely NO way to be sure that my setting will still work after that, 2) I have NO WAY to recreate it from scratch in TOS 5.

Add to this that I have cannot be without internet access for more than a few hours at the moment, so understand that your news is very alarming for me.

I don’t understand why you have sent the notification about upgrade to all Omnia owner when even you don’t believe the upgrade succeeds.

What do you expect from this notification? Do you really think, that all router owners “brick” their routers by this highly experimental upgrade?

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I was sent here from another thread

Please, don’t do this. Your questions are the same as the previous thread and based on this approach. We would need to reply here and there, which does not make any sense.

My colleague replied to you here: Upgrade and vlans - #11 by miska

Thank you for your questions. We can argue why others here are saying why we are sitting on the migration process so long. Why we didn’t already trigger it, announce Turris OS 3.x as EoL. It would help us work on new features to bring to you, helping and contributing to upstream, having on all routers stable and supported versions of OpenWrt, etc.

We announced the migration process here and on our social media, so the next step was to send notifications about available migration. It was a necessary step to receive feedback from experienced users before it is triggered automatically.

I wonder why all routers should be bricked. You can find here posts that migration works or there were some issues, which are these days fixed. In some cases, it required to do some tweaks. We have never ever said that migration is going to be a miracle for all users. As usual, pull requests are welcome.

There is no option to say to every user that they need to use medkit and configure the router from scratch. The same applies to not migrate users at all, especially to routers, which are left almost unmaintained.

Also, we will remove the label “HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL” very soon in the Foris web interface.

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I used the migration many months ago and it worked without a hitch. For users with uncomplicated setups my guess is that this will be the most common outcome.

This is an excellent idea! I think the “HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL” label leads people to over-imagine the risks involved.


hi there. about a month ago i trashed my 2016 omnia with some nOOb wireguard stuf, and had to factory reset it. It went back to 3.12 or something. I tried the 3 to 5, and that went wrong…but you do not brick it. When it goes wrong you just need to fact reset it. It keeps breathing.
My tip would be to simply flash your unit with the latest 5.x med kit if it does not work? But to brick it you need to do something far worse than all this. Problems updating from 4.0.1 to 5.2.3 - #3 by DIKKEHENK

I do have a bunch of things running on my turris and no time to spent to recreate it again, so i dont wanna update. Is there anything that would break if i keep the old version eventually ?

I updated my Omnia from version 3.11.23 to 5.2.7 yesterday and everything is running fine.
I just had to change configuration of network plugins in Luci statistics (http://<router_ip>/cgi-bin/luci/admin/statistics/collectd/network) from “eth1” to “eth2”.

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I will re-use this thread to announce that we shipped one updated package separately. In RC branch, we removed “HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL” for Turris Omnia opt-in migration.

And it’s out to all Turris Omnia routers! :blush:
New wave with the notification w/o highly experimental label.

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