We have TOS 7.0 - Whats next?

Hi, today ive received TOS 7.0, whats are plans for this major release ? New features ?

Just have a look into the respective thread, there the team explains that the major releases (x.0 like 6.0/7.0) will not bring any new functionality, but will update to the code basis of OpenWrt version 22.03.
New functionality will be introduced with minor releases (7.y), hotfixes (7.0.z) are for security updates.


Next will be TOS 8 based on OpenWrt 23.05. Let’s see if it’s in time for Christmas.

In the meantime, Turris team will need to decide what kernel will be used and what to do with iptables.

even if takes them 1 year to update it will still be supported as by the looks of openwrt upstream development progress they will release a new stable release next year and will be supported for at least 6 months after

Very well, then we have a very clear priority! There will be plenty of time to develop the rest (not yet existing or in progress) in the meantime.

I am dreaming of a time in the future when Turris team will keep up with openwrt side by side. And like that they will have more time to develop all that great turris stuff and maybe contribute upstream.

But thats dreams maybe TOS8/9