Warning when restarting firewall service

Today I restart the firewall service with

/etc/init.d/firewall restart

and see the following messages in the CLI:

Warning: Option @zone[1].sentinel_minipot is unknown
Warning: Option @zone[1].sentinel_fwlogs is unknown
Warning: Option @zone[1].sentinel_dynfw is unknown

The device is an Omnia 2020, the version of TurrisOS is 6.1.0 in HBS. I believe this is related to the installation of the Sentinel platform.

The incriminated options are these:

config zone
option name ‘wan’

option sentinel-minipot ‘1’
option sentinel_fwlogs ‘1’
option sentinel_dynfw ‘1’

Does anyone know what those warnings are due to?

Previously, this command was used to check the list of ip blocked by the dynamic firewall:

ipset -L turris-sn-wan-input-block

Now it doesn’t work anymore. It must have changed the implementation of the dynamic firewall itself on the latest versions of TOS. How is it done now?

I see one ipset here:

Name: turris-sn-dynfw-block


ipset -L turris-sn-dynfw-block

It worked, but I still don’t know what those warnings mean.

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