Wanted: Turris Omnia 1 or 2 GB


I am looking to buy a Turris Omnia 1 or 2 GB version.
I am in France. Would consider any offer from EU using Paypal or similar method warranting both buyer and seller safety.

In other thread somebody mention that some seller is selling Turris Omnia on ebay.com for cheap.
And they’re selling it also on Amazon.de maybe check Amazon.com.

Thank you for the hint.
The offer on Amazon is the same price as other seller. The offer on Ebay is interesting without shipping. But they add $50 for shipping which is excessive for intra-EU shipping.

If you’re still interested, I might want to sell mine, as with the newborn kids, I don’t have any time to play with it anymore. It’s blue cover, 2GB memory, and 256GB M.2 SSD installed. No other customizations. The price would be $420, which is as much as I paid for the hardware. Let me know how it sounds for you.

No sorry, I am not willing to put that much in a router. Would you be selling it without the SSD and for how much?

Sad to hear that, as I have no other use for the SSD. But I can sell it separately. It’d be $300 for the Omnia without the SSD.

Well, for that price I can get a new one. Thank you for your offer but I do not think we will reach an agreement.

Still interested for a Turris Omnia. Any offer?

I still have not found what I was looking for…

i found this on eBay.

I dont know if it is WIFi version or it isnt.

Nice. Thanks, I did not see it.

EDIT: bought!

Congrats! So I was too late to finally offer mine :frowning:
Please update the OP to indicate that it’s obsolete, e.g. prefixing it with ‘[Done]’.

I wanted to but I have not found the option to do it.

Can’t you edit the original post’s title? But adding the ‘solved’ flag looks like another valid option :wink:

I added it, but @X-dark can mark my post as “solution”

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