WAN connection lost when plugging in SFP module


I am currently using a VDSL modem on the Ethernet WAN port of my Omnia.

As my ISP starts selling fiber later this year, I decided to purchase the needed hardware now so I can start playing around with it.

However, as soon as I plug the module into the SFP slot, my Internet connection is gone.

Is this some issue because SFP cage and RJ45 ports for WAN are both eth2? What do I need to do? Can’t they both be plugged in simultaneously?

You can either use SFP or RJ45, not both at the same time.
If you want to change which port is active, use the search functionality on this forum for the command that needs to be issued via ssh. After using this command you need to reboot.


So that would be

ln -sf /boot/armada-385-turris-omnia-sfp.dtb /boot/dtb

To enable SFP and

ln -sf /boot/armada-385-turris-omnia-phy.dtb /boot/dtb

To enable RJ45?

Will not do this now, as I am still on VDSL and it will take about one more year until fiber internet is finally available here.

But I was able to connect to the device after plugging it into my switch SFP port, so at least it is working.

Can someone confirm if fiber internet is working with the module? It’s the Zyxel PMG3000-D20B, marketed by germany’s biggest ISP, Deutsche Telekom, for their business customers.