WAN connection does not work when connected to Spectrum Modem - Technicolor EN2251

I recently switched to Spectrum which included using a new modem - Technicolor EN2251.

For some reason, my Turris 2020 won’t negotiate WAN connectivity using DHCP client (IPv4 and IPv6). A smaller router I use for travel GL.iNet MT1300 works perfectly.

Before configuring anything in the Turris, I performed a full Factory Reset using ReForis then connected to Turris to the new Modem from the WAN port.

Any ideas?

Does it establish the link between Omnia and modem? I mean, do the lights on both devices flash when you plug in the cable?

Please make a diagram with your connections. Draw.io is a good place to start. You did not describe connections well


Thank you all for following up.

I made it work using a not very subtle approach: Hard reset both the Spectrum Modem (5 second push of reset button) and Turris Omnia (3 LED reset).

After a couple of attempts everything is working normally.

For reference I’m leaving the details here.

The connections are : Spectrum Modem 2.5G Ethernet Connector marked as Internet → Turris Omnia 2020 WAN port ← Macbook using an Ethernet cable and USB-C network adapter.

The Spectrum Modem was activated successfuly.

The symptoms were:

  • The physical link was established (led light up); but the WAN connection would just simply not obtain an IP Address from Spectrums DHCP.

@atirado mark that as solution

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