Waiting for TurrisOS 4?

Hello everybody,

Since I do not really dare to install the alpha version of TurrisOS, let me ask a few questions:

  • my current version of TurrisOS 3.11.3 is absolutely perfect, will an automatic migration be possible when TurrisOS is done?
  • are the snapshots and automatic backups reset? Especially the backups should then no longer work and cause problems?
  • Other changes or substitutions that require a change to the basic usage as it is currently?
  • Do I have to reset everything after the automatic update?

My thoughts are based on the fact that I do not play much on the router anymore. I’ve adjusted it to my needs perfectly in the past and almost no additional packages have been added.
In addition, I can wait until it’s done. But if a new start from scratch is necessary because it is too different, I would be glad about a message here.

Best regards

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I need to say that I am in the exact same situation @freshdax. I wanted to switch already and try 4.x series but configuring all the thing all over takes time and possibly no Internet Access for some time so I am holding back a bit for now.

I can imagine migration tool is a hassle so I kind of understand that at some point I will have to re-flash with the new branch. But I think I will wait until some stuff is fixed even if it’s reported in the related threads that it’s quite stable already.

Yes. @anon50890781 already gave you pointer to respective issue, I am just confirming that there is going to be one.

Backups from 3.x are mostly incompatible and it is highly suggested to not use 3.x backup on TOS 4.x. Only supported migration is clean reflash with new configuration or direct migration from TOS 3.x.

Snapshots are going to be preserved in migration and there are ways on how to preserved them even if you do clean installation instead of migration. (schnapps import -f medkit-4.0.tar.gz && schnapps rollback factory which updates factory image to given medkit and does factory reset).

Depends on what you are using. Primary changes are probably drop of Cups, Majordomo and api tokens. There is more of course but most of the changes are given by about two years of upstream changes. It really depends on what you are using on router.

After automatic update, no. It should hopefully be smooth update like any other. But once again it depends on your router usage. Some services might have to be reconfigured and update might have more blocker than usual.

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