VPN setup for newbie

I am a new Omnia user (as of today) and would like to set it up with a VPN so that I could access services limited by country (Spotify, Netflix, etc.) which I am going to access on my TV through Chromecast.
I am also deliberating whether I should use paid for services such as Hidemyass or is openVPN good enough for what I need.
I have little understanding in PCs or routers and just looking for someone to guide me through the process. Could anyone recommend me a way to access such assistance?
Thanks much in advance!

OpenVPN is just software. You also need a provider that you will “hide behind”. I’m not aware of anyone wanting to do that for free, as that’s likely to attract illegal traffic, but I know little about that (and can’t help much with it).

Note that the main intended use case for VPN in Omnia is a different one – to connect two or more private networks together securely through the (insecure) internet.

Thanks vcunat!
This makes sense. So - I am buying the service and will install it onto the openVPN software… following the service provider’s protocol. HMA for example has several versions. Any clue which one I would need out of these https://www.hidemyass.com/downloads ?

Their packages are apparently designed to be installed on your desktop, not a router. Still, it’s probable that OpenVPN on Omnia can be configured to use their service, but it of course won’t be as easy as just installing their pre-made SW on your desktop.

A quick glance at that general linux script package it’s just some bash script tht does a lot of (unnecessary) things.

Basically it downloads a list of servers:


Then it checks if the servers are listed in the downloaded file. It splits up the information.

Then it downloads a template config from https://securenetconnection.com/vpnconfig/openvpn-template.ovpn

and fills the values for connection.

You could just manually add the server info to that file and store it as /etc/openvpn/hidemyass.conf [assuming the openvpn installation on turris will also autostart all *conf files in /etc/openvpn/]

Also you need to provide credentials if you have. I guess they have a limited free service.

You should be able to use them on your Turris and route all traffic from your lan through that vpn.

I tried your solution with the /etc/openvpn/*.conf file but it won’t load on reboot.

you have any suggestion?

or is there any other solution for easy import a open vpn conf file?

Okey i found the right solution for it.

Edit: /etc/config/openvpn

config openvpn 'vpn0'
option enabled 1
option config '/etc/openvpn/xxx.conf'