VPN IPSec Strognswan

Hi community,

currently I am using OPENVPN as a client on turris. Unfortunately I just can reach about 30 MBit with AES-256-CBC (AES-128-CBC doens’t work, i don’t know why, but i think the speed up wouldn’t be that big). I don’t know why i just can reach 30Mbit, because the CPU load is only at around 20-25 %. The bottleneck is not the VPN server as i can reach around 80 Mbit with my laptop. As a workaround i would like to try IPSec, but i don’t find any How-Tos, how to configure it with OpenWrt in client mode.

Does anybody know a good tutorial how to configure IPSec? I am using mwan3 as i have multiple vpn connections and i also don’t want to route all my traffic through the tunnel.

My questions are:
Tutorial for IpSec Strongswan?
Or how to speed up OpenVPN on Turris Omnia(60 - 70 MBit would be amazing)?

Thank you very much for any hints!

One more thing:

If i use more than one tunnel I have the 25 - 30 MBit on each tunnel -> HW should be able to manage more. But i have no clue why the ressources are not used by a single tunnel.