VPN for Netflix (Google Chromecast)

Hi Guys,

Looking to do a last minute signup for this. (I have been lurking for a while).

Is there some way that we can get it to redirect all traffic to certain addresses through a VPN?


  • In netflix I want to use a different countries videos on the Google Chromecast
  • There are services to do this on my laptop…but thats not my TV.
  • It would be great if I could use the Omnia to make this happen for my Chromecast.



Yes, you can set up VPNs and routes as you wish. See for example OpenWRT wiki: https://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/uci/network#ipv4_routes

or you can use SmartDNs like Getflix for this and then you dont need vpn.

I would not recommend that. Turris Omina features a DNSSEC validating resolver which protects you from DNS spoofing. Services like Getflix actually spoofs the DNS responses which is incompatible with DNSSEC validation.

Does that mean I can’t use Unblock Us as well? If so, any workaround?

You can use it. But I would certainly not recommend using any third-party DNS resolver service at least on personal computer for security reasons. So possible solutions include:

  1. Using a VPN terminated on Turris, to which you selective route traffic for servers in question.
  2. If you use dedicated hardware for watching TV like Chromecast, you can set up DHCP server in a way that third-party DNS servers are served only for that dedicated device and not for instance for your personal computer
  3. You can also disable DNSSEC validation on Omnia and forward all queries to a third-party DNS service. In that case, you are vulnerable to DNS spoofing not only by VPN operator, but also by anybody on the wire (and not necessarily on path).