VLAN configuration on WAN?


Just received my first Turris Omnia and trying to setup it with my feber connection. I have two solutions:
-> old way: PPoE with login/pass on VLAN 835
-> new way: DHCP request with specific arguments in option 60/77/90 of DHCP client on VLAN 832.

For now I’m trying to setup it first in the old way which looks to be the simplest but I’m unable to find both in Turris basic web interface and in Luci a VLAN parameter !! Do I need to do that in command line ??

Same also for the specific options on DHCP client on WAN ? Is it possible to do it in GUI or do I need to do it in SSH ?

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You unfortunately have to do a manual setup over SSH in both cases.

The key config file is /etc/config/network

Your WAN should look something like:

config 'interface' 'wan' option 'ifname' 'eth0.835' option 'proto' 'pppoe' option 'username' 'user' option 'password' '******'
See switch documentation

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