VDSL SFP Bridge Modem

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone has any experience of this company’s products:


I’m in the UK using BT FttC, so would like to stop using a separate VDSL bridge, and this looks like it ought to work.




This one looks like ready to order even:

I wouldn’t know if it worked just by the specs though.

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Sadly, it’s $85.47 for shipping to Germany…

85$ is heavy for shipping… I would suggest then to collect the needs and order them in a big batch?
I’m also interested in buying one of these because i dont want an extra device to connect to the beloved German Telekom.

Count me in. I’m from Germany too so shipping is no option.
Is this device supported by omnia? What about drivers? It should work with our VDSL vectoring stuff since it supports G.vector (G.993.5) right?

Well, I am getting a bit skeptic regarding this module. At least after reading data-sheet with their expected use case as an “Ethernet extender”. I am still curious though. I would appreciate if someone could test it with ordinary DSLAM and perhaps in a real network.

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I assumed that they meant it’s just an intermediary to a PPPoE connection, so is in effect an ethernet extender - I’ve read some much worse translations.

That said, not sure if it will work for BT FttC in the UK - BT have quite a list of requirements for CPE compatibility. There’s a presentation here:


Not sure I’ll be able to get BTs advice on this, so may have to stay with 2 boxes for the time being.

I am also in Germany.

Based on the specs, the VX-160 CPE module should work with Telekom.

I have a number of contacts in the USA that could possibly re-ship a small batch.

Or, if people are willing to wait/going to 33c3, I could have them brought over at that time.

It would be nice if we could find this module with a more legit EU vendor.

It might be worth keeping an eye on the corresponding mikrotik thread (their routeros uses openwrt as base) over there too http://forum.mikrotik.com/viewtopic.php?t=104109 .

I’m certainly interested/curious how this works from management interfacing point (e.g. setting parameters and observing line conditions).

Sorry for abusing this thread as personal note taking space:

According to the thread on mikrotik’s forum there are 3 versions of the Proscend module. All are based on the metanoia chipset already mentioned here.

180-C is a master modem like a DSLAM
180-R is a slave modem for the master modem.
180-T will be ready in 2017 and be the same hardware as 180-R but with different firmware to support G.inp and G.vector. This is the version we probably want.
It will run on SERDES 1G noneg.

any news?


I’d like to know too :slight_smile: .

I noticed that the CeBit blog entry (by @Tangero ?) mentioned “… looked for DSL (which makes us sure we need to implement it).” which sounds like Turris is working on something.
The same blog entry mentioned MUM 2017 which might mean that they might discuss findings by Mikrotik whom seem to be testing the SFPs already.

On my end I’ve a kit on order from Versatek which should arrive next week (but I can’t promise that I’ll be able to get tinkering straight away). Versatek provided some windows software to manage the SFP.
On an different note Allnet might be releasing an DSL SFP based on the Metanoia chipset towards the end of 2017.
I contacted Metanoia to see if they could provide some more details in the context of enabling me to write some Linux option to at least monitor the SFPs. No response so far and I suspect I won’t get any.

It seems like Metanoia produces the chipset and Proscend the modules. Versatek sells them. Maybe you should try asking Proscend instead.

Hi AdminX,

Both Versatek and Proscend are just reseller. If anyone try to purchase SFP, suggest directly to purchase from Metanoia.

HI Andre,
you can send your enquiry to sales@metanoia-comm.com.

@1112 Thank you for reaching out. I’ve dropped you a line.
@adminX True, I could try my luck with Porscend too.

For the moment I received a pair and conducted some successful tests with Mikrotik routers first but have set some time aside over the weekend to test with the Omnia.
Please note that I’m testing against the master modem of the pair and a private DSLAM only currently.
I got only easy access to a public BT ADSL (spec of the SFP suggests that it can handle ADSL too) and Inode VDSL which I’l likely going to test against if the test against the private DSLAM is successful.
However for BT I’ve not seen any sign of even an attempt to certify the modem as SIN compliant therefore it wouldn’t be something permanently usable.

What about this one:

Hi level20peon. Does your SFP works with Omnia for VDSL/2 ? Thnx

No idea, I hoped you guys could tell me before I bought it :slight_smile:

tragic how people with sufficient resources to “simply buy one”, seldom have the time and incentive to report back whereas “normal” ppl usually dont want to put up the money for trial and error.

also here: