V4.0.5 build fails

It would appear that the turris binaries necessary to load the router did not appear to get built… Please help. What am I missing? Do you need additional information?

Thank you!

OS: Ubuntu 14.04.1

Build commands

git clone https://gitlab.labs.nic.cz/turris/turris-build.git
cd turris-build
git checkout $(git tag | sort -V | tail -1)
git describe
./compile_pkgs -j2 -a V=s -s /home/casey/signcert/secret.key -t omnia

At the end, get the following:

Project was build from following repositories:

  • turris-build: a9af2369383a812fe9d7197d74e0c42aa96fee1d
  • openwrt: ab9d1bf608170c17dd8a372bc42806b9703a20ce
  • feeds/cesnet: ebfb4559c8ba885da5419b151abf90fabfed65c8
  • feeds/luci: 1ddf662154004471a62dd489d1f9c76620394e4b
  • feeds/luci_theme_rosy: 58dafa99df869ad9c75ffdb7a0f155594dbec766
  • feeds/openwisp: 8fc33895276ebc0bff30b7317d6c1213f2705c8e
  • feeds/packages: dc2e6a2888ff94abd55231c1f74261342b57a601
  • feeds/routing: 0bda2e7f44e7474b1a72755bd07e9447707ac1c4
  • feeds/sidn: 2b881bacf0388420b2753f9c8b7858c3d4efe9a1
  • feeds/telephony: 970b25426cdb5a17f51a8fb6cebc85ea8d90889c
  • feeds/turrispackages: 03c49f506b1b56d1099525c288600ac7d3d009bf

Statistics of the build:

  • 0 binary packages built

  • 19/1460 source packages failed

    ERROR: package/feeds/turrispackages/rescue-image failed to build.
    ERROR: package/feeds/turrispackages/u-boot-omnia failed to build.
    ERROR: package/feeds/turrispackages/sentinel-eula failed to build.
    ERROR: package/feeds/packages/quassel-irssi failed to build.
    ERROR: package/feeds/packages/dmapd failed to build.
    ERROR: package/feeds/packages/python-mysql failed to build.
    ERROR: package/feeds/packages/libupm failed to build.
    ERROR: package/feeds/packages/rxtx failed to build.
    ERROR: package/feeds/packages/collectd failed to build.
    ERROR: package/feeds/packages/quasselc failed to build.
    ERROR: package/feeds/packages/gnunet-secushare failed to build.
    ERROR: package/feeds/packages/softethervpn failed to build.
    ERROR: package/feeds/packages/forked-daapd failed to build.
    ERROR: package/feeds/packages/mocp failed to build.
    ERROR: package/feeds/packages/node-mozilla-iot-gateway failed to build.
    ERROR: package/feeds/packages/classpath failed to build.

Looking through the log file, the following sites could not be resolved. Checking them, none of them appear to exist (fail to respond to ping). Could this be the cause of the failure?

curl: (6) Could not resolve host: andrzejekiert.ovh.org
curl: (6) Could not resolve host: gd.tuwien.ac.at
curl: (6) Could not resolve host: rpm5.org
curl: (6) Could not resolve host: ftp.andrew.cmu.edu
curl: (6) Could not resolve host: ftp.netperf.org
curl: (6) Could not resolve host: software.nordu.net
curl: (6) Could not resolve host: pkg-shadow.alioth.debian.org
curl: (6) Could not resolve host: www.ibr.cs.tu-bs.de
curl: (6) Could not resolve host: www.ibr.cs.tu-bs.de
curl: (6) Could not resolve host: sunsite.ualberta.ca

Yes, build process is internal secret.


What does it take be become initiated into the secret “turris” society?


The log file is several hundred megabytes and I would rather not send it… If there is something specific I will extract it.

Become a member of the turris team. Because both the documentation and the forum are silent and all previous questions have not been answered.

Thank you for helping me understand the situation. Have a Great day! Casey.

This is not true. Here are just 3 example threads, in all of them turris team members try to help:

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I am speaking about results. Was somebody of them eventually successful?

Your statement was just wrong because there is no „silence“.

@CckSm Sorry for meta discussion, we should just stick to your question, even though I have no experience in building Turris OS, so I can‘t help you there. But there is no internal secret whatsoever… Good luck :slight_smile:

WHEN I figure it out, I will start with a fresh VM, confirm that the process works, and post it… Have a Great day! Casey.


Forum is not the team.

It will be great! Good luck.

This looks like successful build. There are 1460 packages and only 19 of them failed. It is common that some of the packages fail to build. Unless those are packages you need then it is ok.

The packages are now in bin directory. And in case of command you run they were extracted to pkgsrepo in layout expected by updater on our servers.

Now it depends on what you want to do with those packages. You can install selected ones. You can deploy them to HTTPS server and point updater to them as a secondary repository.

Currently building medkit is not easy as script we are using is building it against our repository. I just had no time (and kind of need) to tweak it to build medkit from any repository. Just saying that there is this blocker.


Build is successfull when you got kernel and kernel modules compiled in ./bin/targets… directory and packages in ./bin/packages

If you look into Makefiles for certain packages they download a LOT of source code from different repositories and chances are the are not all online as you already noticed some sites is offline. If you open Makefile for certain package you can find the URL from where source is downloaded at first and then compilation can fail for many many reasons. Something is better to compile under normal common user not root but something better to compile under root as it fail othervise also library versions could make a lot of troubles as many old software is compiled against old openssl 1.0 and only few agains new one openssl 1.1 it is not easy to resolve unless you download right patches if they are available at all. Also sometimes you need to start with as much CPU cores you have like make -j 4 or make -j 8 and sometimes it help to compile using just one core with make -j 1. For adding custom package you alway have to make menuconfig and mark certain package and then it is possible to compile individual package with make package/packagename to debug it you can add V=s or V=99 if you want just image then make target/linux/compile

Thank you for your suggestions. I will look into individually (manually) compiling the packages that failed.

It does NOT appear that there is anything in the ./bin/targets or ./bin/packages:

casey@casey-14:~/turris/turris-build$ find ./build/bin/ -name “*”

I will investigate this further. Any thoughts are welcome.

Yes ./build/bin/targets/mvebu/cortexa9 is the correct path and at the end you should find your medkit and final rootfs filesystem images ./build/bin is just start then it continue depending on architecture. It could looks like you noted for x86 platform it could be /bin/targets/x86/64/packages/

And the results you should expect could also to be downloaded from https://repo.turris.cz/omnia-stable/medkit/ or https://repo.turris.cz/omnia-stable/packages

But unless you want to compile certain package from master or other source it actually does not make much sense to try compile it at home as everything could be downloaded from turris repo.

You probably missed my comment. compile_pkgs extracts it to directory called pkgsrepo. Look there.

@cynerd - I did miss your comment. ./build/pkgsrepo does have the packages… I am working through issues (dependencies and other failures) in getting “generate_medkit” to work)… Thank you for your help. Casey.