Using unlocator, dns4me, etc... "smart DNS" service


I am a bit of a n00b when it comes to routers and iptables, etc…

Could someone please explain how to make the /etc/hosts file “work” for all network clients? I am very confused with Knot resolver etc…

I know that a “module” with a “hint” is required, but in what file? Can’t find a knot.config or anything similar.

FYI: I am trying to install a hosts file from dns4me to watch BBC content (I am living abroad for the time being and I do miss the BBC).


Take a look here: How to access lan ressources from guest network
If necessary please write your questions into that thread.

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Instead of using that linked approach as it is, you may also simply add list hostname_config '/etc/hosts' if you prefer.

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Thanks for the reply. As the post states I put into /etc/config/resolver, in the config resolver ‘kresd’ block the list hostname_config line.

However I think that the router is doing its job as I am trying to “spoof” the BBC into thinking I am in the UK, so when I connect to the BBC the router simply does not connect.

This is because, I think, instead of connecting to the BBC it connects to a third party and then through to the BBC. How can I alter this behaviour and allow the use of Unlocator, dns4me, etc?

Has anyone tried to use the Turris with Unlocator, dns4me, etc?

Do I need to do something additional?

For the DNS part, you can verify the result by various simple tools, e.g. nslookup on unix-like machines. I can’t say much about other parts of these spoofing approaches.

Thanks for the help so far. Will keep plugging away to see how to get this to work. If anyone knows I would much appreciate it.