Using Turris with microphone in order to detect noise and record sound at home

Could anyone tell me if it is possible to use Turris with microphone as simple home alarm / detection system based on level of noise?
I am new to Turris, not experienced with Linux. Therefore, my idea was to buy usb microphone, connect it to Turris router and then run some software that will try to detect noise at my home and will start recording of audio file to flash disk or SD card connected also to Turris. For instance, record 10 minutes after detection of certain noise level and after end of this record time it shold come back to detecting mode.
I would be really thankful for any hint.
Thank you

Try google it :

You can install LXC debian linux distribution and plug cheap usb soundcard with microphone plugged and then use anything that was already develped for rapsberry PI and its debian (raspbian).

Please be double sure that you use an external hard drive because something like the mentioned solution will put steady load onto your storage, so eMMC could wear out very fast.

Stupid question - can I use webcam as microphone? Am I right that sound card is most likely not embedded?

Right, no sound I/O is built in. I have heard of using USB sound cards with Turris (for output).