Using the SFP port to link routers

I have two Turris Omnia routers (actually three because I have the original kickstarter one). My intention is to connect them via fibre between my house and my garage using the SFP port. Searching I see SFP mentioned for FTTH, but I don’t see anything for linking two TO routers together.

Have people done this? If so, did you use single or multi-mode fibre?

You could do that but then you are out of WAN ports and you would have to use one of the lan ports as wan. The supported SFP module shouldnt matter if its APC or LC connector.

These routers won’t get used for internet connections. That’s handled by other things.

So simply create a bridge lets call it br-link and add eth2 (on TOS 4.x+ or earlier version i belive its eth1) to that bridge on both devices assign ip addresses statically from the same network, connect the two routers via SFP and voila! To check the connetion ping router A to router B and vice versa.

In the end, using the luci configs, I created a third interface on LAN4 that was a WAN interface on ethernet to connect to my ISPs - one router connects to one ISP, the other router to the other ISP. They both use pppoe.

I connected the routers with the SFP fibre connection on an interface I called LANRT - I just set a static address on each (0 and 1 obviously) and set up a static route between them.

It works rather well.